27 Weeks!!!

Yeah!! I have been waiting all week to type today's post!! :-) Another week closer to a healthy baby... 27 weeks done & 8 (or more) weeks to go...

Bedrest is not getting any easier. My body is getting stiff and sore. Not only do I have the growing baby and belly to contend with, but I can't move very much. Most of my day consists of sitting, sitting & more sitting. I do get up and walk around a bit. I shower (my family is glad) & brush my teeth. I even put on my makeup most days, but it's nothing like a normal day. And my body knows it.

I found some bedrest exercises online & plan to incorporate these into my day to help with the stiffness & soreness.

We have (I should say, the family has) alot of things going on this week, and we still have a good bit of help coming over. All of the busyness helps the time to go faster. My cousin is coming today to give everyone haircuts--how sweet is that!?!

Please continue to pray for us if you think of us... We've got a long way to go yet.