32 Weeks Today!

So, I am kinda excited to have made it this far; but, I'm kinda bummed to be posting this from (once again) a hospital room. I had "trouble" again Saturday night & this time it was really scary. I thought DH was going to pass out.

So here I sit... Fortunately, no new troubles since I've been here, but playing the waiting game is tough. My dr will be back around some time this afternoon to tell me if I'm going home or staying a while longer...

I had another ultrasound yesterday--Placenta is in tact, still a complete previa, completely covering my cervix. Baby is growing healthy & strong, weighing in around 4lbs 6oz! She'd be close to 8 pounds if she was full term!!

Once again, I am so glad that God is in control so I don't have to be!!