Finally...It's Official...

For a while now, we have known that there was a possibility that we would be leaving our current church where DH is part-time youth pastor. Several months ago, another church on the other end of the county contacted DH & requested his resume. This really came out of the blue, since we were definitely not looking to leave our current church. But we have learned to be obedient to the Lord's call, and to be open to the opportunities He sets before us.

DH sent his resume. Several months went by before the interview process began. I was actually able to attend the first interview/meeting & it went well. I haven't been able to attend the rest due to being on bed rest.

After much prayer on our part (& the youth search committee at the "new" church), we all felt that the Lord wanted this move to happen. DH & I have prayed some very specific prayers and all have been answered above and beyond our expectations. In this way, we know that God is confirming to us that this is His will for us at this time.

While we do look forward to the "new", we are sad to leave our current church family. It is never easy to leave the comfortable & familiar, but sometimes it's what God requires of us. We know that He will provide for the church family we are leaving behind just as He will provide for us in our new ministry.

DH has been praying for several years to be able to minister full-time. As of April 20th, he will be a FULL-TIME youth pastor. Actually, his official title is Associate Pastor with most of his responsibilities focusing on children and youth ministries. We are excited to know that we are following God's will, and we have the "peace that surpasses all understanding", knowing that He will provide for those we are leaving behind as well as He is providing for us.

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