34 Weeks, 4 Days

Still waiting... but content with God's timing...

My dr is moving me "out on the floor". I have been in a labor & delivery room & well, that's just not necessary at this point. The good news is that (1) I will only be hooked to monitors for an hour in the morning & an hour in the evening, and (2) I will have a mini-fridge to keep snacks in... However, I do not know whether wi-fi is available in that area of the hospital. I would guess that it is, but just in case you don't hear from me...don't panic. I'll update as often as I can. I hope I have wifi b/c I hope to have a couple pics to share here as soon as DH brings me the USB cable for my camera! ;-)

Oh, and I am on the anemic side. I have never been anemic before, but this pregnancy has had me experiencing lots of things that I've never experienced before... Anyway, I will be starting iron supplements soon. {FUN!}

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