Internet at Home, Finally!

Tomorrow will be two weeks that I have been home from the hospital & all this time we have had NO internet service at home. I have been so lonely... ha, okay, so it's hard to be lonely with four kids in the house; but, I have still missed my online friends.

DSL is not available & cable internet is very expensive, plus DH has it at his office 200 yards from our house and I have not been pleased with it. In fact, it is often slower than dial-up. So after doing a little research, we decided to get cheap dial-up service through Net Zero. They claim to have the fastest dial-up available & so far, it has been comparable to the cable internet service that DH has at his office, so I am pleased.

And did I mention that it is cheap? 7.47 for the first 3 months, 14.95 after that with no time commitment. We can cancel at any time for any reason with NO penalties. YEAH!