Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!

So I've been MIA for a while. I have a newborn & dial-up. What do you expect? Those two don't exactly work well together. I honestly did not realize how LONG I had been away. I had every good intention of updating my blog, but I always seemed to get interrupted. To get everyone up to date, I have decided to do a quick (although it took forever on dial-up) photo journal of the past few weeks of my life. Hope it doesn't bore you to death!

The girls and I made cake pops! Never heard of them? Check out Bakerella, but be careful...they're addictive!!

DH celebrated his 40th birthday!

DH & I celebrated 15 wonderful years!! (12 addresses all in the same county, about 10 jobs/business ventures between the two of us, and 4 beautiful children to show for it)

AC had her first hair cut. Yes, she is almost 3 years old but I love her curls & have been leary of having them cut. She got a trim and was able to keep her curls! (happy mommy)

DH & JC went on a youth trip for a week & mother-in-law came to visit. She was a big help while they were away, and we got a few projects done around the house--namely, rearranging my kitchen cabinets since friends unpacked for me while I was in the hospital and I didn't know where anything was! :-)

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