Kid Friendly Friday: Cook-a-doodle-Doo Strawberry Shortcake

I meant to post this several weeks ago, but as usual, the time slipped away from me. A Five in a Row mom blessed us with a couple of books to add to our collection. One of them was Cook-a-doodle-Doo by Janet Stevens. I had read this book many years ago with Jesse, and I was excited to receive it and share it with the girls. While it is not a FIAR book, there are great lesson plans to use with this book at Homeschool Share.

The story is about a rooster who is tired of eating chicken feed & decides to do something about it. He remembers that his great-grandmother (Little Red Hen) was a great cook. He locates her long-lost cookbook & sets out to prepare something better than chicken feed.

We read the book. We talked about different kinds of farms. We colored roosters. We made pig puppets and chicken puppets. (The girls performed a play of their own creation, in which the characters mostly said, "Hello, nice to meet you" over & over again. Too cute!)

And of course, we followed the recipe in the book & made Strawberry Shortcake--YUM!

Next time we're at the library, I plan to check out The Little Red Hen for them. I wonder if they'll see the connection...

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