30 Day Shred Began Today!!

Okay, I am getting excited about this. I just ran across another blogger (& after a google search, there are several) that has already finished the 30 Day Shred & is starting it for her second time. Jackie over at A Day at a Time has been kind enough, and brave enough, to post her before & after photos. She even gave us her beginning & ending weight! WOW! Brave! And I'm really excited because she has 4 kids about the same ages as my kids & I think I read correctly that she is also breastfeeding the baby! Very encouraging!!
I think I'll take BEFORE photos, but I'm not promising that I'll ever post them. And I'll definitely keep up with my weight lost, but I'm not sure you'll ever know what my starting weight was, LOL! I'm just not that brave yet...
So Day 1 is done! DH & DS are on board!! I'm excited!! Hopefully, I'll find the will power to adjust my diet to make the most of the next 29 days!!