Day 10--Weigh Day!

I would like to be positive & I have had some good results, but I really just want to scream!! THE SCALE IS EVIL!!! Grrrr..... Anyway, I weigh every day... I'm obsessive. I know it's probably not good behavior, but I do it anyway, ha! And every day since I have been doing the 30 day shred, the scale has gone down by half a pound every day or every other day... It has NEVER fluctuated in an upward direction...UNTIL TODAY! (can you hear me screaming?) As of yesterday, I had lost a total of 6.5 pounds but TODAY the scale was UP! So my total recorded weight loss was only 4 pounds... I know! I can hear you now saying, "Four pounds in 10 days is nothing to sneeze at." And you're right, except that I have been watching the scale fall steadily for the past 9 days, and on the 10th day--the day that counts--the scale decides to act STUPID! Grrrr.... I am trying not to be too upset b/c DHs weight was up today too. I'm trying to rethink what I ate/did yesterday--nothing that should have caused an increase. Green smoothie for b'fast, red beans w/ turkey sausage & NO rice for lunch, homemade (lean venison) chili over a baked potato w/ only a small amount of cheese for dinner. Dinner was done by 6pm & I didn't eat anything after dinner, so I am confused. I have eaten worse during the past 10 days & at the worst, the scale would hold steady... Oh well, maybe on day 20 I'll have a PHENOMENAL loss to share! So here are my stats...

Weight: -4 pounds
Arms: same
Chest: -.5 inch (I'm nursing, so it could fluctuate)
Waist: +1 inch (weird)
Hips: -.5 inch
Thigh: -1.5 inches!!! YAY!

I had planned to make today a splurge day but now that I've had this weird experience with the scale, I'm not sure I should... We'll see...

Now on to do the last day of Level 1, catch up on my Read the Bible in 90 Days goal & tend to my sick 3-year old with whom I stayed home from church.

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