Day 24, But it Should be 25

WOW! I can't believe I am so close to finishing the first 30 days!!
And the UNofficial results are even more astonishing. Even though I spent the entire weekend with about 200 high school students (about 40 from our church) for Disciple Now Weekend--and that means I ate what they ate--the scale has still been good to me. As of today, I have UNofficially lost a total of 8 pounds. My goal for the first 30 days was 10 pounds, and since it appears that I am losing about one pound every three days, it looks like I may actually reach my goal!
I started on January 1st, and if you'll notice, I am now a day behind. This weekend was terribly busy. I managed to get Saturday's workout in before 11pm, but just barely. Sunday was non-stop & so instead of working out late, I decided to skip it & start fresh this morning so I could be back on a morning schedule again. I feel so much better when I get the workout done in the morning. I don't feel like the extra energy is wasted because I can use it on housework & homeschooling & life in general.
So SIX more days to go for me... How is everyone else doing?

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