Dyed Macaroni

I love Kid-Friendly Friday! I love gleaning ideas from other moms who are "in the trenches", and I love sharing what we've been up to.

Next week, we'll be learning about the letter M. We've read the book If you Give a Moose a Muffin. (We did some Homeschool share lessons with this book last year.) We'll talk about money & magnets & have muffins for breakfast.

I made dyed macaroni using the directions I found at fun frugal mom dot com. We'll be using the macaroni to glue onto the Letter M. I thought about buying the macaroni already died, but a one pound box was over $8! YIKES!

Here is step-by-step pictorial showing how to dye macaroni:

You need rubbing alcohol, macaroni noodles, a few ziploc bags and food coloring.

Place 2TB alcohol and 3 or more drops of food coloring in a baggie. Add 1 cup dry macaroni & "squoosh" it around for about 2 minutes.

"Squooshing" is a great job for little helpers...

Pour your macaroni onto a drying rack lined with paper towels.

And here's the finished product. What was supposed to be blue & red turned out more green & orange.

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