Goals for 2010--Update!

Revisiting my goals for 2010... I must stay focused. Some days are easier than others, but here is how it's going...

GOAL #1 was to be debt-free. We are on our way. Just this month, we cancelled our home phone and DirectTV for a $100/month savings. Our debt is down to about $2400. I FORGOT (seriously) about taxes & the possibility that we may actually get a refund. If we do, that will be applied to our debt and we may be FREE much sooner than I anticipated!

GOAL #2--THIN IN 2010--I completed the 30-day shred & lost 11 pounds. YAY! I am doing it again in February, but I must get my eating back in check. This week has not been so good.

GOAL #3--READ A PROVERB A DAY--Miserable failure! I actually forgot that I had made this a goal! Completely forgot about it! *smacking forehead*

GOAL #4--REGULAR DATES WITH HUBBY--We had one date in January & that was nice. Paying a sitter to keep 4 kids & then actually being able to afford to eat out or do anything else is a joke!

GOAL #5--KEEP LESSON PLANS AT LEAST A WEEK AHEAD--Doing so-so on this one. Could still use some improvement.

GOAL #6--READ THE BIBLE IN 90 DAYS--I am still sticking with this one, even though I am about a week behind on my reading. I have read farther into the Bible (when reading straight through) than ever before. I have read from Genesis to Judges since Jan. 1! I'm learning alot too & being reminded of some things I had forgotten.

GOAL #7--READ-ALOUDS IN THE EVENING AGAIN--Since we just cancelled DirectTV, I am hoping this will pick up again, naturally. We hosted our homeschool group's game night last night & my kids really enjoyed it. They have been playing charades all day long, off and on.

James 1:4--Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

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