Great Deal on Diapers!

Another blogger posted about this great deal over at I just placed my order this morning, and my shipment should arrive on Saturday! Talk about fast shpping!

The deal is this:

*Set up an account at (quick & painless, I promise)

*Order at least $49 worth of diapers. You automatically get FREE FEDEX shipping.

*Then enter referral code FREE4057 to get $10 off your order.

*Also click here, and print this rebate form. Fill it out & send it in for a $14.97 rebate

YOU JUST GOT $24.97 TAKEN OFF YOUR ORDER PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!!!! And it's not FREE as in 2-3 weeks waiting. It's free as in 2 Days FEDEX shipping! (Can you tell I hate to wait for packages?!)

Because of my great love for cloth diapers, I just ordered 'puddin' 3 new diapers--2 pink Fuzzi Bunz (which we know & love) and 1 white BumGenius (which we've been wanting to try). At $17.95 per diaper, my total before discounts was $53.85 (free shipping b/c it was over $49). I was charged $43.85 with the $10 referral credit, and now I am printing the $14.97 rebate to send in. $53.85-$24.97=$28.88 for 3 cloth diapers OR $9.63 each!! WOOOHOOOO! That is a deal!
And even if you use disposables, this is a deal. If you purchased only $49 in disposables, your $24.97 savings would mean 1/2 price! And for you disposable users, you can also send in manufacturer's coupons to, and they will credit your account! WOW! How cool is that?

Well, there's even more. After you make a purchase, you will get a referral code to share with your friends as well. And every time a friend signs up using your referral code, you'll get a credit to your account! WIN-WIN!