Have You Guys Seen This?

I am constantly amazed at how quickly things change and how often new products arrive "on the market". AC is only 3.5, but these cool things were not in existent--or if they were, I didn't know about them and neither did any of the moms I knew.
We found this at Target a few weeks ago. Since AG (8.5 months) is eating baby food & transitioning to table foods, we thought we would give it a try.

This handy dandy gadget is called a Fresh Food Feeder & it is marketed by Munchkin.

The idea is that you can put a piece of fresh food into the mesh sack, snap it shut & hand it to baby without worrying about baby choking. So far, we are really liking it. And baby likes it too. As you see, she also likes the nubby handle. I'm sure it feels good on those teething gums.
We have put in fresh banana, frozen pear, cooked carrot and even a piece of deer roast. She gets all the flavor and nutrition, and a little bit of independence.

The jury is still out on cleaning the thing though. I just haven't decided. Since I only use it a couple times a week, and we have two of them, it's not a big deal. But I really don't like digging out all the pulp-y stuff that gets left behind & stuck in the mesh baggie. Ewww! It is dishwasher safe, so I usually end up tossing it in the dishwasher where it gets cleaned & any pulp gets dried to the bag. That makes it alot easier to get out. I can just flake it all off into the trash can.