Another 30 Days with Jillian

So today is Day 3 of a new month & a new 30-Day Shred Challenge. I have been very diligent to get up & make the shred my first chore--after Bible reading. (I have a whole 'nother post about that coming soon.)

I am amazed at the changes from the 1st month til now. The first month I worked out with Jillian, I had to take breaks during the warm-up! Talk about out of shape! And even though she claims there is no modification for a jumping jack, I modified them, ha! These past three days on level 1, I have been blasting through the entire routine doing most of the exercises Natalie-style! (except the push-ups; I still modify those, but I did 17 today without stopping!)

AND I have so much more energy. I have been doing my Leslie Sansone walk videos most afternoons, walking from 1-3 miles, depending on how much time I have. I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit, so the kids and I can walk & play outside!

I have also noticed really cool changes in my body. My arms are stronger. Back fat is disappearing. My calves are looking better, and my thigh muscle is solid. And underneath this stubborn layer of fat around my mid-section, I have some really cool ab muscles! I can't wait to see them, ha!!

Oh, and the best news of all--I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Yes, the baby is 9 months old, but I didn't get serious about TRYING until she was 7 months old!! Now the bad news--I had recently gained 12 pounds & was planning to start trying to do something about it when I found out I was pg with sweet AG! So, my next goal is to get those 12 pounds off. And from there, I will only have another 9 pounds or so to get to my ideal weight!!

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