Global Wildlife Field Trip

This past Friday, we enj0yed a field trip with our homeschool group to Global Wildlife in Folsom, LA. It's less than two hours from home, so it made a nice day trip. If you are in the area or otherwise have the opportunity to go, we definitely give it a "thumbs up".
This is how we were greeted upon entering the 900 acre animal reserve...
Our homeschool group's activities coordinator had already made arrangements for our group to tour on this day. The weather was almost perfect (a little windy). We had a very short wait for our tour, loaded the "covered wagons" & enjoyed feeding the animals & then picnic-ed on Global Wildlife's picnic tables.
We purchased feed in the gift shop before our tour, so the kids could feed the animals.
They have 6 giraffes in the park; only one was NOT born in the park. They were very friendly this day.

Theses guys (below) have HUGE horns, but were very friendly as long as we kept shoveling the feed, ha!

ANd these guys are notorious for STEALING feed cups!! One of the kids on our tour had THREE cups stolen from 3 different ones of these.

The kids were tickled to be able to pet this friendly little guy...

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