Project Achievement

Every spring, our homeschool support group hosts an event called Project Achievement. Project Achievement is a great opportunity for homeschooled students to plan, prepare and present a project of their choosing. Many even bring a food to share that is somehow related to their project theme.
We study many, many things during the school year. I am always amazed at the things that really pique my children's curiosity--the things that inspire them to dig deeper, the things that make them WANT to learn, the things that make me glad we homeschool. These are the things they choose as their yearly projects.
This year, the girls chose Madeline...
We read several Madeline books, located France on the globe & marked it w/ a French flag and looked at a picture book of France. We already had the Madeline doll. We also made paper Madeline dolls from patterns found at Homeschool Share. We used our lessons from Five in a Row, volume 1 as well. And we made the quiche recipe from the Five in a Row Cookbook.
We watched a Madeline cartoon and pasted our pictures (Eiffel tower, internal organs, Madeline, the French flag and small European map that we marked France on) to our presentation board. And yes, there is a coloring page with scribbles. A 3-year old worked on this project, and I have decided to let go of perfectionism. This was truly their project.
We also served up a yummy French dessert--cream puffs!

JC has really enjoyed Diana Waring's History Revealed:Ancient Civilizations and the Bible this year. It covers the time period from Creation to 70AD. He was most intrigued by the flood legends and decided to make his project cover Creation to the Tower of Babel w/ a focus on the flood. His project included a time line from Adam to Noah, interesting articles he's read, flood legends from other cultures, his original artwork, resources including books and videos, and a list of interesting facts he titled "JC's Fun Facts". He decided to serve fruit on his table since, to him, it represents the Garden of Eden.
My kids look forward to this event each year. I am so glad we have the opportunity to participate. And I especially enjoyed this year's event since last year I was on bed rest! :-)

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