I have been floundering on the weight loss quest lately. I did really well in the beginning, and I still believe Jillian's 30-Day Shred is a good workout. I believe it works. Remember, I lost 11 pounds the first month doing the workout for 30 days straight, then 9 pounds in February taking Sundays off & then only 2 pounds in March doing the same thing. Kinda got discouraed about March's results, but that is a total of 22 pounds OFF in just 3 months. AND I've been able to keep it off (though I have experienced normal fluctuations) through April and May. I think I just got bored...
All the other times I've lost weight, i.e., after babies, I've gotten to this same weight/size & I've stopped dead in my weight-loss tracks. WHY? Yeah, I wish I could answer that one. I think this is a comfortable weight/size for my body. I think, metabolically speaking, it is easy for my body to maintain this weight. And while I am definitely not comfortable in a swim suit at this size, I am mostly comfortable. I mean, I can go for a walk with the kids. I can bend and tie my shoes. Heck, I can even wrestle around with DH & JC. (And I can hide the "jelly roll" under loose tops.)

BUT...the truth is...I am NOT comfortable with my size! So what's a chubby mommy to do? Ha, I googled! Actually, I was googling the topic "managing a large family/household" (since I do have 4 kiddos & may be adding 4 more soon) and StUmBlEd upon the blog, Large Family Logistics. This is a blog written by Charlotte Siems, a homeschool mom of 12! I wasn't looking for weight loss information, but the latest blog post was a link to a friend/reader's T-Tapp testimonial. WOW! Impressive, right? So, I read some more & realized that Charlotte has also lost weight using T-Tapp. In fact, her story is featured in Woman's Day magazine and she is on the main page of the T-Tapp website.
So I chewed on all that info for a few days. I actually began to use some of the free workout clips on the T-Tapp website. I was impressed right away with how quickly I could feel my body temperature rising. I could feel the blood circulating. WOW!
And after about a week and after discussing it with DH, I ordered the T-Tapp Total System. It arrived yesterday evening, and DH & I started it this morning. We did the 15 minute basic instructional workout, and we were both impressed with how we felt when we were done--invigorated as if we'd done a full "traditional" workout.
I hope that I'll have phenomenal results to share with you in a week or so.
**Editing to correct my mis-information posted above. Charlotte Siems is NOT the author of the Large Familiy Logistics blog. I'm not sure who is, so sorry about that.**