A Quick Update...

...with more to come, I promise!

I can't believe it has been nearly six months since I last posted on my blog. Adding four MORE children to an already bustling household tends to make one really BUSY! But, it's a good kinda busy, and even though it's hard work, I have been blessed in ways I can't even express.

In the past six months we have:

  1. celebrated 16 years of marriage. (June)
  2. celebrated hubby's 41st birthday. (June)
  3. attended summer camp with 30+ teenagers. (July)
  4. added four more children to the household, ages: 4, 3, 2, 1 (July)
  5. started another homeschool year. (August)
  6. celebrated ACs 4th birthday. (August)
  7. celebrated my 29th birthday--AGAIN, HA! (Sept)
  8. celebrated AJs 7th birthday. (Sept)
  9. went on vacation. Yes, all 10 of us! (Oct)
  10. celebrated little JCs 2nd birthday. (Oct)
  11. celebrated ME & EKs 4th and 3rd birthdays. Same day, different year. (Nov)
  12. and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast, or two. (Nov)

So what have you been up to?