Christmas, A New Year & More Birthdays

The past several weeks have been a bit of a blur. I have great intentions of posting here, but sometimes I feel like I am so busy DOING that I don't have much time to write about it. I understand there are seasons in all of our lives, but it makes me kinda sad because I really enjoy writing. So I am working on re-scheduling my days to make writing/blogging a little bit more of a priority for myself. After all, the children do nap!
Dec 21st, the "tiny mite" had a little accident. Big Brother fell onto her & cracked her little leg... He was pretty distraught about it, but we know it was an accident so no sense in making him feel any worse. He was a major "spoiler" during her recovery. She got the cast off this past Tuesday & has not slowed down since. Actually, she didn't slow down much even with the cast. Within a week, she was running on it. It really was a cute sight, and I regret that I didn't video it. And even funnier, is that even now, she carries her cast around like a baby doll.

This was the day after she got the cast. She didn't stay on the couch very long... Don'tcha just feel so sorry for the little darling?! (NOT!)

And then there was Christmas... for EIGHT! WOW! It was a lot of fun!

These are the four "early birds". (And I know it looks sparse under the tree, but all the riding toys were hiding on the back porch!)

Oh, and just before Christmas, like the day before...On Christmas Eve, #7 started running a temp, then #8 was running a temp within a day or so. We ended up spending ELEVEN days quarantined with some crazy virus whose only symptoms were coughing & high fever for 5-7 days! That's right, 7 of the 8 came down with it & while several of their days overlapped, they weren't all sick at the same time. That was good in that I had fewer sickies to tend to. It was bad in that it meant that we were all quarantined longer.

If you know them, you would know they must be sick in this picture because they NEVER share space like this. They are pretty jealous of each other most of the time, and AG is very territorial. I hated that they were sick, but this was a sweet moment too.

And for New Year's, half the kids were still sick so we did NOTHING special. :-(

And then last week, this guy turned 5. His birthday & his cousin's are only a day apart, so we celebrated with one party. Notice the #3 and #5 candle on the counter...

And about 6 weeks from now, this guy turns 14! Time sure flies when you're having fun!!

P.S. One of these days he'll learn to STOP taking goofy pics of himself on my camera! ;-)

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