Defending our Faith: Creation Museum

October 2010, we took a week long family vacation to northern Kentucky. Our kids had been looking forward to it immensely. And why wouldn't they? We had only been planning it for an entire YEAR!

We spent a whole day at the Creation Museum. The kids had a blast looking at all the dioramas, dinosaur sculptures, real fossils, etc. I think their favorite part was the camel ride and the petting zoo.

Everyone mostly behaving in front of one of the water fountains in the lobby

The camel they rode...
Dad sacrificing my first-born daughter to T-Rex! ;-)
Hiding from T-Rex?
Beautiful gardens...
 A diorama of Adam and the animals in the garden
A raptor, I think...

It is so very important to me to instill a Biblical worldview in my children. The world is tugging at them constantly. And even though we homeschool, they are not & never can be completely insulated from the influence of secular humanism that is so prevalant in our society today. That is why I am thankful for the Creation Museum, and the work done through Answers in Genesis that helps us and our children learn to defend our faith.

You may be familiar with the story of the man who was a professional counterfeit spotter. He was a master at identifying counterfeit money. Someone once said to him, "You must have spent years studying counterfeit money and methods." His reply, "No, I spent years studying real money, and that has made it easy to spot a fake." I hope that by spending years studying truth, my children will learn to identify false teachings and therefore, defend their faith.

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