Couch to 5K--Week 1 Update

Day 1: HATED IT! Blah, there I said it. I HATED IT! Using the plan found here, I walked for five minutes, jogged for two, and then walked for five more. I'm sure some of my readers will be laughing at me, but seriously, you can't take a person who has NEVER run for pleasure and expect that person to run for two minutes straight! Gosh, I thought it would never end! But I did it. And I feel a small sense of accomplishment from finishing it. And now that I've put it out there publicly that I'm doing this, I feel like I can't just quit, like I really want to do.

Day 2: My schedule says "relax". I like that. :) I decided to do T-Tapp on these off days, so that is what I did. I went back to the Instructional video for the 15 minute Basic Workout. OUCH! I really needed to come back to the instructional. These exercises are so much more challenging when you do them properly. I was winded and pouring (literally, ask my kids) sweat when I was done.

Day 3: I'm not experiencing the soreness I expected from doing T-Tapp yesterday. I do feel tightening in my abs, and that is a good thing. A very good thing. Before I ran today, I had the bright idea to check my phone for a downloadable Couch to 5K app. Well, of course there was one--C25K Lite is the free version, so I downloaded it. This plan is different from the one I found online here. Apparently, there are several options out there. I like that I can play my own music while I walk/run. Today's selection: Toby Mac! I do not like that it is a full 20 minutes of walking and running intervals in the first week. My right knee and ankle agree with me on this!

Day 4: T-Tapp Basic Workout again today (instructional)... I did ALMOST all the reps in all the exercises today. GO ME! Don't let the fact that it is a 15 minute workout fool you--it is tough! Even Hubby agrees.

Day 5: Using C25K Lite App, I did Day 2 again. I did not do much running the first time I did it. Today I did a little more. This app has a 5 minute walk to warm up and then rotates 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking. I did mostly every other run. I think I'll probably spend two weeks on Week 1. This really stinks--you know, facing the reality that I am worse out of shape than I thought I was. YUCK!  (And I still hate to run!)

Day 6: SUNDAY--RELAX! No real exercise on Sunday--EVER!

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