Couch to 5K--Week 5 Update

So...... I'm not sure that this Couch to 5K thing is going to work out for me... I mean,I really want it to, but I have found EVERY excuse in the book to NOT run this week! This week should probably be called a T-tapp update, because that is about all I've managed to get done. (Not that I'm discrediting T-tapp at all. The workout is amazing!)

Monday: I had planned to run...really, I did! BUT--Hubby hit snooze on the alarm clock and by the time I heard it, it was too late! I opted for a quick 15 minute T-Tapp workout, but--don't laugh--I only made it through the first exercise before the battery on the computer died! Why not put it in the DVD player & play it on the TV? Well, that would wake my girls up, and that is never good! Why not plug the electric cord into the computer & try again? Good question...just lazy, I guess!

Tuesday: Hubby and the snooze button again! I guess I should move the alarm clock to my side of the bed or set the alarm on my phone, huh? Well, I did accomplish something--I did the entire T-Tapp Step Away DVD
from T-tapp. It's 24 minutes and equals about two miles. And it is very challenging!

Wednesday: I think I did Primary Back Stretch (a t-tapp exercise), pretty sure I didn't do anything more...

Thursday: I did the entire T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus (15 minutes) and had great plans to to Couch to 5K after dinner. Wouldn't you know it started raining as soon as I finished cleaning the kitchen?!

Friday: No formal exercise today. I took the kids to the park, so I at least got fresh air. I've thrown in a few hoe-downs here and there. Hubby was out of town again...

Saturday: I can't remember accomplishing anything significant.

So, that looks like a pitiful week. BUT, I am already redeeming it. Hubby & I went out for a 1.5 mile walk/run this morning! With no out-of-town travel, we should have a great week!

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