A Pinterest Party

Well, I didn't actually intend for it to be all about Pinterest. That's just how it worked out. AJ8 and AC5 have birthdays that are only about 3 weeks apart. Instead of putting together two different parties in that short a time frame like I have for the past four years, we decided to do their parties together. Scanning ideas on Pinterest helped us decide on a theme, and it was all down hill from there!! 

Here's what we came up with. As far as presentation, I think it's the best kids' party I've done in the fourteen years I've been parenting and partying. :)

Can you guess what our theme was? That's right--ICE CREAM! Ice cream cone cupcakes for each of the girls and cupcakes baked in ice cream cones! We even had an ice cream sundae bar, complete with chocolate, cherries and whipped cream!

Budgetwise, we did great too! Food, decorations and party favors for under $100! (And that's for 2 kids!)

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