Thankful Thursday~A Home in Ecuador

I've always wanted palm trees!

This is our lovely home awaiting us in Ecuador! We just got the pics, and we (kids included) are now even more excited to get there! Two things my kids had hoped for--upstairs (it's 2-story) and a place to roller blade. See that carport to the right? God heard my babies' prayers. :-)

This is the downstairs bathroom. I love the tile!

I love that the laundry room has a DOOR that I can close, so no one has to SEE--or step over, as the case is now--our laundry! And I love those flowers growing outside the door!
I love the hardwood floors and the vaulted ceiling!

Not much of a back yard, but at least there is grass. I was worried we may have dirt and rocks, so this is good! I am constantly amazed at God's provision. I'm not amazed that He CAN provide in such amazing ways, but that He DOES provide for us who are so unworthy! 

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