TOS Review: Math Mammoth

I am a homeschooling mother of a child that struggles with math. Had she been my first student, I may have reconsidered my ability to homeschool. Thankfully, she wasn't my first and I understand a little bit about learning styles. Children are different, and they don't all learn the same way. The curriculum that worked for child #1 may not always work for child #2 or #3 or #4. And therein lies the beauty of homeschooling--I don't have to try and force my "round pegs" into "square holes". My children are all different, and as a homeschool mom, I have the ability to personalize a learning plan for each individual student. I can even change mid-stream (mid-year) if need be.

PhotobucketThat is where we had found ourselves when we received Math Mammoth to review for The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. My struggling math student understands numbers and how they work, but something about putting it on paper in written form had just blown her mind! Thanks to Math Mammoth, we are now making progress in the right direction.

What has made the difference? It could be the simple graphics and short lessons. It could be the math games that the curriculum encourages us to add to our homeschool day. It could be the online games and resources that are listed in the curriculum as well. Or most probably, it is all of these things combined.

We are so grateful for this curriculum. This is our third math curriculum to try with this student, and this one looks like a KEEPER! In fact, I am planning to purchase the entire 1st-3rd grade curriculum soon. I hope that it will work for the youngest students as well. And the fact that it is available as a download makes it easy to transport to our new home in Ecuador. ;-)

I am also glad for the personalized attention from the curriculum writer herself. Maria Miller has done an excellent job at creating a curriculum that is as simple to learn as it is to teach. When I contacted her and described where we were in our math learning, she responded quickly with 3 downloads that she thought would work best for our particular situation. Her website encourages customers or potential customers to contact her for the same service, so I have to believe that she would have offered this advice even if I was NOT a TOS reviewer.

Curriculum is available for purchase as a download, CD-ROM or as printed copies. Downloads are the most economical choice with full grade curriculum costing around $34. Individual worktexts by topic can be purchased for $2 to $7 each. Discounts are also available for those interested in purchasing more than one grade level.

In my opinion, this is the most affordable and effective math curriculum we have ever tried. Interested in other opinions? Check out what my fellow crew members have to say about Math Mammoth over at The Old Schoolhouse blog.

Disclaimer: We did receive this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation will be received. All opinions are my own.