I Haven't Washed My Face in a Month!

Well, not in the traditional sense anyway... I've actually been cleaning my face using the Oil Cleansing Method I first heard about (saw) on Pinterest. I was actually searching for a more natural, less expensive skin care routine than the traditional store-bought cleansers and moisturizers I've been using for years. Since we are planning a move to Ecuador, I have been looking to replace store-bought items with things I know I can get there. That's when I ran across several "pins" for the Oil Cleansing Method.
Source: simplemom.net via Stephanie on Pinterest

The cost is nominal, maybe $3 total for about six weeks worth of cleanser. Since it didn't seem like I had anything to lose, I decided to give it a try. You see, oil can actually clean surfaces. Who knew?!

I started with a half and half blend of castor oil and extra-virgin olive oil. I quickly realized that my skin is not the oily teenage skin I once had. It now tends to be on the dry side, so I adjusted my oils accordingly. I increased the EVOO and decreased the castor oil. For oily skin, it would be just the opposite--increase the castor and decrease the EVOO.

To use:
  1. Apply about a quarter size amount into your palm. Massage gently into your skin. Allow it to stay on your skin at least one minute to penetrate into your pores.
  2. Heat a soft, clean cloth under hot, steamy running water. Squeeze out excess and lay on your face until it cools. (The "steaming" also helps to deep clean.)
  3. Once the cloth is cool, gently wipe away the oil. Repeat if necessary.

I am still learning and tweaking it, but I am loving it. Another mistake I made was to use this cleanser twice a day. This is a deep cleaner. There is no need to use it twice a day. Instead, I am now using it at night, before bed, and simply rinsing my face in the shower each morning.

Also, about once a week, I use an all-natural exfoliant... BAKING SODA! Why have we not known these things?! A little baking soda in my palm with enough water to make a paste applied in circular motions to my skin and then rinsed under warm water... Ahhhh.... It leaves my skin silky smooth and glowing! And it's dirt-cheap!

The drawback? According to our contacts, baking soda is not available in Ecuador! What?! So guess what I'm doing. That's right. I'm stocking up! Besides, I use baking soda for so many other things (possibly an upcoming post), I can't imagine living without it!

You can read more about the Oil Cleansing Method, like I did, at these websites:
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I'd love to hear about your experience if you decide to try it. Or maybe you already have? Tell me about it!

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