Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake or Cupcakes

As promised, here is another WINNER in the search for yummy (& healthy) gluten-free food. I found this recipe--surprise, surprise--on Pinterest. I made it into cupcakes, thinking I would have leftovers to freeze for later... HA! No such luck!
These were made in a Mega Muffin tin. I whipped up a frosting of cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla flavoring.

I didn't alter this recipe, but next time, I do plan to reduce the cocoa slightly and/or increase the vanilla flavoring. It was a bit like dark-chocolate, which I found to be a bit too rich. I may attempt to reduce the sugar as well, and replace it with Stevia.

 Oh, and the best part about this recipe? It's made from cooked quinoa--high in protein and fiber--and my kids had NO clue! ;)

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