South of the Equator

Once we arrived in Shell, the job of unpacking still had to be done. Thankfully, the house was furnished and Tandy made sure our beds were made and bathroom and kitchen essentials were handy.

Everything we brought with us to live in Ecuador fit in 18 rubbermaid-type storage containers. Each had to be 50 pounds or less to be checked at the airport. Now, that sounds like a lot when you do the math and realize that is 900 pounds of STUFF! But when you stop and think about it, that was ONLY 18 containers for six people. That means each person in our family only really brought THREE containers. That included clothes, personal items, books and homeschool curriculum, special food items that can't be bought here (or else are really expensive, i.e., peanut butter), OTC medicines for "just in case", towels, cookware, etc.

And did I mention that our flight left the states on THIS GIRL'S birthday?! So, the very first thing we unpacked was her birthday present! She received a Melissa & Doug wooden castle and royal family. I bet Hubby was glad I made him number the totes and record in a notebook what was packed in each!

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