Two Hospital Visits in Less than a Month!

While our move to Ecuador has been wonderful in many ways, it has not been without its struggles. Almost everyone in the house has suffered with at least some mild ailment. The youngest two girls have both seen doctors in the little more than three weeks that we've been here.
(As I type, they are both running a fever with no other symptoms.)

AC5 began complaining with her ear one morning and a few hours later, she was running a temp. We headed to the hospital to have her seen before the ear infection progressed. The problem was quickly and easily diagnosed as an external ear infection. She was prescribed ear drops and that was that. Within 24 hours, she was back to herself again.

AG3's story is just a little different. Part of our job here is to escort short-term mission teams around town, to dinner, etc. As we were walking home Tuesday night after having dinner with the current team, AG was being a bit mischevious. Miss Independent wanted to walk by herself and not hold anyone's hand. Hubby and I used this as an opportunity for some re-training. After several corrections, she was content to hold her daddy's hand. That is, until we got within sight of our house. AG let go of her dad's hand and took off running just in time to trip and land face-first on the concrete. The result: 2 stitches!

I can't say enough how blessed we are to have access to good medical care.

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