A Day in Banos

Recently, we made a trip to Banos to celebrate Patti Sue's birthday. She chose a great restaurant that served an American-style menu--burgers and burritos. We ate lunch and shared birthday cake and ice cream for dessert.

Casa de Fe Director, Patti Sue
After lunch, we stopped by a local park to let the kids play. I think the guys enjoyed the park as much as the kids...

Banos is a beautiful town about an hour away from Shell. With lots of waterfalls, Banos is a regular tourist attraction. Our Spanish teacher lives there, and she has told us about some of the "must-sees" in the area. We hope to take the family back to spend the day sight-seeing soon.

This waterfall was directly across the street from the restaurant where we ate.

The beautiful countryside on our drive to Banos.

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