Just Eat the Pear...

So I try to keep my stories clean. I try not to be rude or offensive. I really want to raise my children to be polite and kind, and I believe that begins with our thoughts and is reflected in our speech. However, the following hilarious conversation with my 3-year-old just begs to be shared...

AG: Mom, I wanna 'nack.

Me: Here... have a pear.

AG: No, I'm not eatin' that.

Me: Why not?

AG: It's a butt.

Me: What? It's a pear. What are you saying?

AG: That's not a pear. That's a butt.

This argument continued for a few minutes, and she stood her ground. She chose an apple, insisting that the pear should not be eaten. So, dear reader... What do you say? Is it a pear? Or is it a butt?