The Good Thing About Being Sick...

...was that I got a lot of blogging done. Now that everyone is well--mostly well, life has gotten back to normal. That means I don't get to blog as much. I really want to work on this and make sure that blogging becomes a part of my daily routine, because I really want everyone back home to be able to see what life is like here and what the Lord is doing in this place.

(Perhaps, if I spent less time on Pinterest, I might have more time for blogging? Hmmm....Naaah, that can't be it...)

I have LOTS & LOTS & LOTS to blog about! Currently, we have celebrated the union of a Forever Family, hosted houseguests that are already back in the states, said good-bye to summer staff that we grew to love, hosted three or four Casa de Fe summer mission teams ranging in size from eight people to nineteen, and much more. While I try to get my thoughts in order and recall the stories correctly, I hope you enjoy these random photos...

AJ & AC on a recent waterfall hike (more to come)

I have heard that everything is bigger in Texas... If wonder if they have carrots like this!
They fell asleep together... Makes a mama's heart smile... And yes, that is her princess dress she's wearing!

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