A Day at the Zoo, Part 2

Our second trip to the zoo this summer was with the Peppers (here to complete their adoption) and a volunteer group from FBC, Summit--very close to our home town! 

JC & Samuel, ready to go!

Mrs. Jenny Jo & Martin

Mrs. Jenny Jo & the snake!

JC & Samuel at lunch

More Samuel--he's such a cutie!

JC & Gilmar
Twan, the leader of the group from FBC, Summit
Katie with her new necklace...
Javier trying on the snake
AG--just a swingin'
Boris gets a push from an FBC volunteer
AC and Rosa playing in the "little tree house"

Tatiana, Samuel & Gilmar getting a push on the big swing from a FBC volunteer.

On this trip, the monkeys were a huge source of entertainment. Early into our trip, we actually saw one climb onto a ladies' head. When we gathered at some picnic tables to have lunch, the monkeys showed up and showed out. One volunteer got his chips stolen. Rosa's adoptive mom defended her family's lunch with "ahh-ahh's" and "the look" that only a Mommy can make, and the FBC group leader threatened to "throw down" if the monkeys didn't "back off".

I just realized I have a TON of pictures posted in these zoo posts. I can't help it. It's like I have 60 kids now. You'd be amazed at how many photos I DON'T post! 

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