Beauty is...

in the eye of the beholder?

only skin deep?

is God's handwriting?

Perhaps, beauty is all of those things... But to me, THIS is beautiful! This is Edison, who is deaf, with Amanda, who has cerebral palsy.

Friday afternoon, I was tired and agitated and ready to go home. As usual, my girls insisted that we make a pass through the "baby room" at Casa de Fe before we left for the day. I am so glad I did! If I had insisted on hurrying home, I would have missed this beautiful sight, this beautiful expression of love and joy and kindness!

In case you can't tell, Edison is tickling Amanda and she is loving it! He is loving her laughter. Even though he can't hear her, he knows she is happy!

How beautiful is this?

And to think I almost missed it...

Dear God, let me slow down in order to catch more beautiful moments like this!

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