Christmas Prep in Ecuador

Things are done just a little different for Christmas here in Ecuador, but not much... Christmas trees are in abundance, lights and nativities. We've even seen "snowmen".

For the first time ever, our family has a real live Christmas tree.

A nice surprise fell out of the tree... Thankfully, it was empty.

The mostly finished tree. Yes, I know it's lop-sided. Am I the only Mom on the planet that still allows the kids to decorate the tree as they see fit? I did rearrange a few things, but mostly I left it alone. Last year (2011) when we packed up our Christmas decorations, I packed the non-breakables in rubbermaid totes labeled "To Ecuador". This year, I opened the box and let the kids "have at it"!
 A touch of Denmark--Our Christmas decorating wouldn't be complete without this tree that was given to us by our "other daughter", Jane, when she was our exchange student MANY years ago. 1999-2000, I think! WOW!
Told you there were snowmen here!

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