Thanksgiving 2012 (Backtrack)

I know it's almost Valentine's Day, but I simply can't skip my holiday posts even if they are being posted a tad late. Please forgive me and bear with me as I attempt to get caught up once and for all! :)

So....most people expect that the holidays abroad would be a bit depressing, but I don't think we found that to be true at all. Sure, things were different this year. And we absolutely miss our family and traditions from back in the States, but this year's holidays were just as fun and enjoyable as any we've had in the States. They were just different.

Take Thanksgiving, for instance...

Instead of a Turkey dinner, we enjoyed a wedding feast!

Danny & Megan got married! Megan was a teacher at Casa de Fe until she met Danny, fell in love and decided to get married... and move to Quito where Danny lives!
Because of conflicts with work schedules (seems Ecuador doesn't recognize American holidays), Megan's first flower girl was not able to attend the wedding. Freeman girls to the rescue! Of the three girls, Ana Claire fit the dress best, so she won the honors.

She took her job seriously as did these beautiful bridesmaids. Alondra and Ana live at Casa de Fe and were in Megan's class when she taught there.

 Ainsleigh with the Ring Bearer who is also our neighbor, Nanki.

The Martins, our family, Patti Sue and Melissa

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving Day the following Saturday with all our American Casa de Fe staff.

Dwight carving the turkey
The dessert bar  
 The adorable fall napkins the kids (ahem, Melissa & I) made
 The kiddie table
 ....or the Village People? I can't tell...
Jeff's plate ;)

See... not much different from a Thanksgiving in the States at all! And before you say, "Everyone's wearing summer clothes!" That happens at Thanksgiving in Mississippi sometimes too!

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