Overdue Updates!

After I wrote the last post and I had bared my heart and soul in print, I had no idea how to follow it. The normal day-to-day things seemed trivial and hardly post-worthy. It has been too long, and you all are worthy of an update, so here goes...

For those that are curious, the teacher that endured such devastation recently seems to be healing well. She came back to teaching and has found her smile again. Please continue to pray for her and her daughter as you think of them.

A couple weeks ago, we had a mission team from our home town come to serve at Casa de Fe. What a treat! I was really inspired by these guys. The only "negative" thing they had to share about their experience was that we didn't put them to work fast enough. (They had come in on a weekend, so we started with the usual weekend sight-seeing.)

And again last week, we are spending time with yet another group from our home town. This is their sixth year, and they are actually Patti Sue's home church/sending church. Many hands make light work, and that is definitely true of this larger-than-average size team. The first week was 28, and the second week was 26 people. This is a pic of the 10 that had to head home after week one. Eight more came to take their place.

We also had a great time visiting with Mr. Mark and Mrs. Ava Jane. She taught my older 2 kids art classes back in the states, and she was able to do a few lessons at Casa de Fe for the kids there. Jeff enjoyed hanging out with Mr. Mark and playing the role of his "mini-me" for the week.

The most wonderful thing that I have to share with you is that Edison's adoption is nearing completion. His parents are here in Shell, and the bonding process is going well. Please pray that things continue to go well. There is still much traveling to be done and many adjustments to be made before the family settles back in their home in Minnesota.

I have tons more to write. In fact, there are several months worth of posts that I need to write. Be patient with me as I try to get my thoughts in order.

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