A Story about a Wii

How could I have forgotten to tell the story about the Wii??? Jesse got a wii for his birthday & it was NO small feat! We started looking online & locally about a month before Jesse's birthday, thinking that they would be easier to find now that Christmas is over... NOT!

The biggest crush was about 2 weeks before Jesse's birthday, I bought one on ebay (more than the list price) & paid for it via paypal. Less than half an hour later, I checked my email hoping to hear from the seller about shipping plans. Instead, I had a notice that my payment had been refunded. Seems the seller had trouble with her drop shipper. I was very disappointed, but I kept trying.

I sent a mass email to everyone in my address book all over the country asking for help in locating a wii. I also posted on the FIAR message boards. Lots of folks tried to help. Monday morning, February 18th DH & I had decided to give up & pay the outrageous price to get one on ebay. That morning I was on ebay & found one very reasonably priced as a "buy it now". I was about to buy it, when I thought, "I think I should check my email just one more time..." That's when I got the email from our friend, Elysa Mac!! She let us know that a Game Stop near her had just received wii's & to make a very long story short--WE GOT THE WII!!! Or I should say her dear sweet hubby Jim got the wii for us!

Thank you Jim & Elysa!!

I think he likes it!

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