Spring Chicks....

We finally received our chicks on Friday, April 18th. We picked up 26 chicks, which we affectionately refer to as A through Z, from the 4-H County Extension Office. We had great pictures of the pick up, but later that day Abi cleared ALL the pictures off my camera, including pictures from our trip to Dauphin Island that I had not yet been able to upload to the computer... *sigh* (Such is Life with these Kids!)

So these are the earliest pics we have. We kept them in this small brooder in the kids' bathroom for the first few days, and then I insisted they be moved OUT. They have grown much in the past 2 weeks, and I know I have updated pictures on my camera, but my USB plug is still lost. I had to borrow one to upload these pictures... As soon as I am able to borrow it again OR get a new one, I'll post more current pictures.

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