Preschool Days

I haven't been posting much due to the USB plug to my digital camera being lost. Well.... it is still lost, but I have decided to blog without it. I will come back and add pictures when I get a new USB plug.

Today was our first Preschool Day!! My girls are almost 5 & almost 2. My cousin's boys are 4 and 2. We are both using Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row to do preschool at home. This week, the girls & I read The Story about Ping by Marjorie Flack. My cousin & her boys did the same at their house. Today, we got together & made Chinese hats & Chinese lanterns. We watched a video about the cormorants (birds used in China to catch fish for fishermen, very interesting) We colored a picture of Ping and his family & talked about all that we had learned this week. We ate Chinese noodles for lunch and shared fortune cookies. Too bad the 2 local grocery stores didn't have chopsticks, and I forgot to stop by the Chinese restaurants in town to see if they had any.

Oh, and I learned to use pictures off the internet to make my posts more interesting!!

I borrowed a USB plug again to add these pictures of the girls in their Chinese hats...

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