Homeschool Memoirs #4-Something New

This week's assignment is to share something new that we are using in our homeschool this year. I just shared a few days ago about Apologia's Exploring Creation with Botany. It is new to us this year, and we are loving it. We have never used a science textbook that we liked. We have tried several over the years but put them to the side quickly because they were either dry and boring or wreaked of evolution. NOT APOLOGIA! Jeannie Fulbright has done as awesome job on these books, writing in an engaging way to interest both the student and the parent.

You can read my post from a few days ago about our first experiment from the book here. I must share a tip that another homeschool mom shared with me. It has saved us much time and frustration. Creation Sensation sells kits to help with the experiments in the book. No more searching at the last minute for a rubber band or finding out at the last minute there are no paper plates in the house. They sell a priority kit, which has the basics that wouldn't commonly be found in your home. And then there is the deluxe kit which has everything down to the paper clip or rubber band.

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