Storms & Other Stuff

MONDAY--Gustav hit the Louisiana coastline & sent us LOTS & LOTS of rain & wind. We invited the grandparents for cake & ice cream Monday evening for AC's birthday. We also decided to celebrate AJ's upcoming birthday a little early, since we will be on vacation at the end of the month on her actual birthDAY. We had cake & ice cream, gave the girls their gifts, bathed them & put them to bed. We had just sat down to unwind when the power went out.

TUEDAY--Found out DH's parents had power, went & spent the day. Took everything perishable out of the refrigerator to cook before it ruined. A nearby neighbor (on another street) got power, so we came home at the end of the day hoping we would get power soon. A cousin that lives waaaaaay out let us know she had power around 10pm. So we slept with hope.

WEDNESDAY--Woke up this morning to daylight, no rain, but no power either. Had enough hot water in the tank for everyone to bathe, except DH. Cooked breakfast on the gas stove. DH plugged his coffee pot in to the generator that was "charging" our freezer. Had breakfast & went to spend the day with the cousin that got power last night. Came home this afternoon to JOY beyond all JOYS--ELECTRICITY! I'm tellin' ya--it is the greatest invention known to man!! And I didn't realize how spoiled I am until I had to live without it.

UPDATE ON FELDER--Felder had surgery to put in the chemo port yesterday, and he also received his first dose. He did okay, but he did experience some pain. Please continue to pray for this family as you think of them.