Eye Dissection...

**Warning!! Not for the squeamish!!**

Friday was a very busy day... I didn't want to post everything we did in one post. I thought it would be a bit too much. I, personally, like to read "bite size" pieces.

So Friday, after the pumpkin patch, we invited a couple friends over to dissect a cow eyeball. JC is doing a unit study on Helen Keller via our favorite curriculum, Beyond Five in a Row. We just learned that Helen became blind and deaf when she was about 18 months old due to an illness, probably scarlet fever. So that was the jumping off point to study vision and the human eye. Of course, we've probably all seen diagrams on paper of the human eye, right? But can you really process that into understanding the 3-dimensional human eye?

Our Beyond FIAR manual suggested dissecting a cow eyeball if it was pos
sible to get one from a local butcher. Hubby called the local butcher & picked up a fresh eyeball on Thursday afternoon for FREE (yes, my favorite word!). We found this great site online to help us with the dissection.

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