Homeschool Memoirs #8

This week share your favourite spot to study with your kids. There are many places you can sit down to teach, learn, and work, but where do you prefer and why? You’re welcome to include a photo of your study spot! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s!

Okay, so I have missed the past few of these... We were on vacation & since getting back home, have had a hard time getting caught up.

Our favorite study spot... hmmmm... There are so many...

Our favorite is probably our couch--reading books, cuddling up, watching educational DVDs, etc... Although, we also school all over the place: JC prefers his bed sometimes. AC & AJ now have a preschool-size foldable table that they love w/ chairs that are "just their size". We also use the dining table, the floor, my bed, their bedroom floors, the bar, the kitchen counter (science experiments) and the van! Oh, and the front steps and the back patio. We've also used the trampoline and a nice blanket on the grass...

That's why I love homeschooling. School can happen anywhere. And at our house, it happens EVERYwhere!! :0)

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