Trash Can Turkey

Okay, so the first time I heard that phrase I was not impressed either. But then... I saw & tasted the finished product & now our Thanksgiving is just not Thanksgiving unless we have this awesome turkey.

Everyone always wants to know, "How in the world do you cook a turkey in a trash can?" I had DH take pictures this year so hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what we mean when we say Trash Can Turkey. And I am posting it early enough that maybe you'll feel adventurous & try it for yourself. (This is the turkey we cooked for our homeschool Thanksgiving feast.)

First things first. Gather your supplies. You will need a steel trash can (DH warns that a galvanized can will give off toxic fumes/chemicals), charcoal (& lighter, if not match light), aluminum foil, a turkey (any size), turkey injector & optional olive oil. Oh, and the key to make this work--what dh calls his "rigging". It is 2 stainless steel rods. One straight & one shaped like a cross. I have seen others use wooden stakes, but I am glad DH has the stainless steel.
You have to start with a THAWED bird, and we have learned that that typically takes 2-3 days in the refrigerator. Rinse & pat dry your bird. (I don't know why. It's just what you do.) And then DH shoots it up with Tony's injector (which is optional, I am thinking of trying it without the injector). I think we used Garlic & Herb? We also like to rub the skin down with olive oil, but it is not necessary. DH forgot this time & the bird still turned out beautiful. You'll also probably want to tie the legs up on your turkey.
Once the bird is prepped, you need to make sure your cooking space is prepped. You'll need to place aluminum foil on the ground & then place your straight rod into the ground. The turkey goes onto the cross shaped piece & is then slid onto the straight piece. The cross part keeps the bird off the ground.

Place the trash can upside down over the top of the bird. Pour charcoal around the base of the can & on the bottom.

Check your watch because in 2 hours your bird will be DONE!!! (This bird was 20 lbs & was DONE in 2 hours. We checked with a meat thermometer to make sure.)

This bird is so pretty even Martha would be proud!! And the best part---it tastes DELICIOUS!!


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