2009 Goal Update-#1 & #2

My first 2 items on my list of goals for 2009 were to establish a devotional time with the kids & to memorize more Scripture. I have found a way to combine the two. It is a book that I bought when JC was pre-K. We used it randomly and sporadically then, but I have a plan to use it consistently in our daily homeschooling.

The book is called My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts by Susan Hunt. This morning, we began by reading the memory verse for the letter "a". A gentle answer turns away wrath... Proverbs 15:1. We said it together a few times & talked about what that verse means. We prayed, asking God to help us to always use kind words. We will read & discuss the devotional tomorrow, praying daily for God to help us to use kind words. And we'll practice our verse every day of the week. We may even add it to our bulletin board (aka my bedroom door, which faces the living room, which is also our school room) if I have the time.

Each letter of the alphabet has a 2-page spread in the book. There is a memory verse & an explanation of what the verse means. Then there is a short devotional story to show how the verse can be applied to a child's life. Lastly, there are discussion prompts to get kids thinking about the devotional and prayer prompts to get kids praying.

So far in 2009, we are making PROGRESS!!

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