Update on 2009 Goals...

Since it is the beginning of the month, I thought this would be a good time to evaluate progress on the 2009 goals I made at the beginning of January.

1. Establish a devotion time with the children first thing in the morning, at least 5 days/wk.
2. Memorize more Scripture. We have actually made progress on these first 2. We are not doing 5 days/wk devotions, but we are hitting about 3-4, so that is progress. The kids & I have learned one verse per week, letters A-D so far. This week we are learning the verse for the letter E, Proverbs 20:11.
3. Purchase Creative Memories digital scrapbook software & get my scrapbooks caught up. I decided to hold off on the CM software & instead went with Smilebox. Unfortunately, the only progress I made was at the beginning of January when I did all my Dec 08 photos. I need to get back to that.
4. Teach AJ (5yo) to read. We are making progress, but she is a much more "active" learner than Jesse was & is just not enjoying it, so I am considering Happy Phonics.
5. Establish a WEEKLY family game night. No official game night yet, but we have enjoyed Pictureka & Battleship a few times in the past month. :-) Progress...
6. Have date nights with my sweet husband at least twice a month. A pathetic failure unless you count the one evening we attended a meeting for local youth ministers & the one day last week that we ran errands while Laken was here with the kids (1 hour).
7. Learn to ENJOY exercise & do it more often. HA! I exercised ONCE in January. That was last Friday. I walked a whole half mile with Leslie Sansone, LOL! But, I am "nesting" really early & have been doing a LOT of cleaning, so I'm counting that too! ;-) NOTE TO SELF: I really should check to see if she has any prenatal or postnatal walk videos??
8. Become DEBT-FREE by Dec 2009!!! We are making progress here too & I hope to have GREAT updates to share by the end of February. Right now, we are still working on Baby Step #1 but have plans to complete that step & pay off our 2 smallest bills in February!! I'll keep you posted...

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