Goals #3, #4 and #5--Update!

Totally unrelated goals, but the updates are short so I decided to include them all in one post.

#3--Catch up my scrapbooks. FAILING MISERABLY! I am taking pictures & I am blogging, but I haven't made anymore scrapbook pages since I finished the December pages.

#4--Teach AJ to read. MAKING PROGRESS, slowly but surely. She is getting phonics sounds but not-so-much on putting those sounds together. I am definitely a believer in children learning & developing at their own pace. It just amazes me at how quickly she moves through math, but phonics/reading is oh...so...slow!

Oh, and as I was sorting through some boxes this weekend, I ran across the Hooked on Phonics program. I didn't even know I had it. Someone had passed along some homeschooling things to us a few years back. I took out what we could use at the time & put everything back in the box. I hadn't even noticed the Hooked on Phonics... So I'll be spending some time during their nap times to check out the program, see how it works & make sure we have all the pieces.

#5--Establish a weekly family game night. Uhhhhh...hasn't happened, but I want it to... It's hard to find games that appeal to everyone & that everyone is capable of actually playing. Ever tried to play Uno with a 2-year-old?! I am hoping that we'll be able to do more outside games (croquet, badmitton, catch, kickball, hide & seek, etc) once the weather gets (& stays) a bit warmer.

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