Preschool Days--The Carrot Seed

In an effort to keep things as normal around here as possible, we have done our best to stick to our regular school schedule. This week's Before Five in a Row book was The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. We learned about patience, perseverance and planting.

During the week, we put together lapbooks using templates & printables from Homeschool Share. And since DH didn't have to work on Thursday, our boy cousins came over for Preschool Day. We colored carrots and talked about the letter 'C' and the color orange. We had carrot raisin muffins, carrot sticks with ranch dressing and chicken nuggets for lunch. We planted carrot seeds, along with squash, sunflowers and zinnias.

We began an experiment with some carrot tops. By keeping them in a shallow dish of water, in a sunny spot, the tops are supposed to sprout. I think I saw some new growth on one this morning. The girls will be excited...

And of course, everyone played in the dirt with their new garden tools.

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